What is izhorian?

Izhorian is a small language in russia with about 260 speakers of wich whom only 120 are native speakers and up to 500 people have knowledge of izhorian.

ižoran keel ono peen keel vennääs. Ižoran keeltä lääkäjää 150-260 inemissiä no  120 äitinkeelen. a 300 inemissiä läkäjäät vähä ižoran keeltä


Facts about izhorian

Izhorian is an indeginius language to the Leningrad oblast along with the votic language. Votic and ingrian are not mutualy integible but are related. The closest relative of izhorian is the Karelian language and are mutualy integible to some degree


hos miä en oo inkeroin miä lääkäjän keeltä nimeltää ižoran keel

karelian ( livvi dialect )

hoš minä en ole ižoralaine minä pagizen kieldy nimeltäh ižoran kieli

Even tough i am not izhorian i speak a language named izhorian



The history of the Izhorians is bound to the history of Ingria. shortly after 1000 AD the Izhorians moved from Karelia to the west and south-west. In 1478, the Novgorod Republic united with moscow and some izhorians were transferred to the east. World war 2 had the biggest effect on izhorians because many fights happend in their teritory. in 1838 there were 17.800 izhorians and now there are about 1000 izhorians left of whom only 120 speak izhorian natively. Many young izhorians have gotted a new big intrest on the izhorian language and have learned it. In 1936 a written language was made for izhorian but it got scrapped.


The izhorians are mainly orthodox  Izhorians mostly live in Russia and Estonia and there are some in Ukraine and Belarus.


There is small dialectal variation, the main difference is that some dialects change the letters t,k and p into d, g and b, for example some dialects say "ingeroin keeldä" and others "inkeroin keeltä"

some smaller dialects use z instead of s but this is rare, also in the soikkola variety which is the largest dialect, s is pronounced more like sh

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Chernavskij's ingrian book has some mistakes.

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